What is 4D-Sculpt and How Does it Work?

4D-Sculpt is a highly effective non-surgical fat reduction & skin tightening machine which provides ultrasound cavitation & vacuum-assisted radiofrequency treatments for both body & face.

4DS provides lifting, plumping & skin rejuvenation for the face, lip pumping & hand rejuvenation plus inch loss & skin tightening, anti-cellulite & stretch mark treatments for the body.

Ultrasound cavitation uses low-frequency sound waves to selectively damage the membranes of the fat cells (selectively meaning only these structures are affected and none of the surrounding tissues) this causes the cell to spill its contents into the subcutaneous layer, radiofrequency then assists the body’s own lymphatic drainage system to pick up this fatty liquid for metabolism via your liver & kidneys, then finally elimination through the urinary system (Drinking lots of water & exercising after treatment are essential to assist in these processes)

The inch loss gained from 4DS is as permanent as inch loss gained via surgical liposuction & the cells treated will never grow back again. However, the remaining cells can still expand if the individual continues overeating.

Radiofrequency heats the deeper structures of the skin to high temperatures which increases the cell turnover & the production of skin hydrating hyaluronic acid, whilst also breaking down old brittle collagen fibres & stimulating the production of new fresh collagen & elastin to give the skin a firmer, plumper & more youthful appearance.

Vacuum therapy assists with the elimination processes & also allows for the targeted restructuring of collagen & elastin fibres so the therapist can sculpt the skin structures into a more plumped, lifted & flattering appearance.