Slimming Treatments


Universal Contour Wrap Classic

The Ultimate in figure refinement – at least a six-inch loss guaranteed from just one wrap & results that last! 

A truly remarkable & scientifically proven treatment that has been endorsed by the University of Westminster. Universal contour wrap will take off inches, tighten & tone soft tissues, reduce cellulite, combat water retention and lift body contours. We recommend a course of three wraps & it is quite normal to drop a dress size over the three sessions without losing any weight.

Full Body Wrap Without Measuring
1¾ hours
Half Body Wrap Without Measuring
1½ hours
Book a before & after measuring & photo session to track your losses
Book a course of three full body contour wraps & recieve a £5 discount on your final treatment.

4D-Sculpt Non-Surgical Lipo

Ultrasound cavitation & radio frequency combine in this powerful inch loss & fat reduction treatment which will help you shed unwanted weight fast!

Cavitation therapy perforates the fat cell membranes, where radio frequency then assists in the elimination of the spilled fats & firms up skin on treated area.

Results gained are as permanent as with those from surgical liposuction (provided the recipient does not continue to overeat) and gained without the associated recovery time or scarring!

45 min
Upper arms
45 min
45 min
Flanks/muffin tops
45 min
Thighs (inner or outer or front or back)
55 min