4D-Sculpt Non-Surgical Facelift & Skin Tightening


The 4D-Sculpt platform from PureGenex provides multipole radio frequency & vacuum sculpting therapy in this highly effective and non invasive treatment stimulating fibroblasts & fresh collagen production deep within the dermis to result in a firmer, tighter more lifted & youthful profile for those who wish to look their best without undergoing painful surgeries or injectables. Treatment results last up to 24 months & top ups can also be provided.

Collagen fibers are targeted, renewed & restructured to provide an instant & noticeable effect which also increases over the eight weeks following treatment. Skin is refreshed & regenerated, plus lines & wrinkles reduced to give a firmer, brighter, more youthful complexion thus significantly delaying the need for any invasive or surgical facial procedures.

Eyelift, crows feet & frown line treatment
15 min
Jowl lift & jawline tightening
Full face, neck & eye lift, line/wrinkle treatment & general skin rejuvenation
50 min
Concentrated non-surgical neck lift
30 min
15 min

Book a course of six treatments & receive £10 off final session!

For a great range of before & after pics see our mentor salon & training providers website www.sussexlaserlipo.co.uk or Facebook page

Non Surgical Body Lift & Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency & Vacuum sculpting therapy combine to provide effective skin tightening & firming treatments for areas of the body where skin elasticity & tone are in need of rejuvenation.

45 min
Upper arms
45 min
Inner or outer or backs of thighs
45 min
45 min
Front of thigh lift with knee tightening
60 min

Book a course of six treatments & receive £10 off final session!

For a great range of before & after pics see our mentor salon & training providers website www.sussexlaserlipo.co.uk or Facebook page


Is it painful or uncomfortable?

Not at all, a pleasant sensation of warmth will be felt from the radio frequency treatment & customer tolerances vary so if it becomes too hot alert your therapist who will turn the intensity down. If vacuum assist mode is used a suction pressure is will also be experienced.

How long will the lifting, firming, skin tightening effects from radio frequency last?

Typically results gained from one course of radio frequency will last two years, top-up treatments can also be scheduled to extend your effect.

How soon can I see results?

Some degree of the result will be instantly noticeable as the existing collagen fibres retract during treatment, the full extent of your results will be seen at 2 -3 months after your course is complete, this is when the old brittle collagen fibres have been broken down & the supple new collagen that the treatment has stimulated will have grown to its full potential.

Do I need to exercise & is there any preparation or aftercare requirements?

No, there is no specific pre & aftercare requirements for radio frequency –  however, a good skincare regime, drinking lots of water, avoiding cigarettes or alcohol & adhering to a healthy diet & exercise regime will always provide your most healthy skin & give good building blocks for your treatment to work upon.

How many treatments can I have and how should I space them?

We recommend a course of six treatments per area, these should be taken once every 2 – 3 weeks without any gaps in the treatment schedule. You may treat as many areas of face & body as you wish within one session but at least 2 weeks is needed between each treatment to allow time for the body to build the new collagen fibres.

Are there any side effects?

Your skin will be red & warm after treatment but this will quickly subside, there may be some skin peeling on more sensitive areas.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Unfortunately, some conditions will mean we cannot offer you treatment or that you may need a physicians note of clearance prior to treatment, please see listings below & call us to discuss any possible exclusions.

SKIN TIGHTENING/RADIO FREQUENCY – Primary contra-indications, cannot be treated.

Pacemaker or internal defibrillator.
Cardiac disorders, a history of or a currently occurring cancer including skin cancers or pre-malignant moles. Poorly controlled endocrine/hormonal disorders. HIV or AIDS.
During pregnancy & breastfeeding, or within three months of any surgical procedure or before healing is complete.
Any active skin conditions in the treatment area, eczema, psoriasis, acne, rash or sores.
Facial lasering or deep chemical peels, botox or fillers within the last three months in the treatment area.


Reoccurring cold sores in the treatment area that could be stimulated by heat, any nervous disorder or mental health condition, impaired immune system or immunosuppressive medication. Any controlled endocrine or hormonal conditions including type two diabetes & thyroid disorder.